The softball game

I remember the softball game when I first saw the movie, but I wasn't able to see a clip again until recently. I remember the American workers won in the end after some interference after the Japanese executives took an early lead. The box score was:

Japanese: 3-0-1-0-2-0-0 = 6
American: 0-1-1-0-1-2-2 = 7

But there was a lot of controversy at the bottom of the seventh and final inning while the Japanese was leading 6-5 and it was implied that there were two outs. The bases were loaded and Buster was a runner at first and Hunt was the batter. Hunt hit an infield popup and Saito at his shortstop position was in a position to catch it. The runner on third already crossed the plate before the ball was about to land, and just before Saito caught the ball Buster purposely knocked Saito down allowing the runner from second to score as well to give the Americans a 7-6 win.

If the umpire was fair, what would have been the ruling? Obstruction? Interference? If that's the case, would the Japanese won 6-5 or would have the game been tied at 6-6 since the first run occurred first before the interference?


It would be 6-5 in favor of the Japanese. "Norm" (sorry, big Cheers fan) would be guilty of interference and since he interfered with the third out, the run would not count. The out would be implied, thus canceling out the runner-up.


Since there is no bunting in slo-pitch softball, the first two batters should have been called out and they wouldn't have scored three in the first.