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Mechanical Women question

Were there really mechanical women back then like in this movie? They creeped the *beep* out of me!

But it was an awesome movie. Kind of reminded me of Pandaemonium with John Hanna (the Mummy movies) - I think that's how you spell it.

What is the lesson to be learned from this movie? Drugs are inspiring!
lol kidding!!!

Greatest Silent Hill fan...EVER.


this is in fact the only scenes that I remember from this movie, I had seen this when I was like 7, and that was over 24 years ago...

very creepy and disturbing as a child watching that

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I suggest a Wikipedia/google search on the history of automata. YouTube has some great videos displaying automata from the eighteenth century and earlier.

Hoffman's "Sandman" short story (early nineteenth century -- inspired Freud's idea of the uncanny/"unheimliche") features one of the most famous automaton women ever -- much better than in this disaster of a film. (As a lifelong fan of the Gothic, I can't give this film a pass. It trivializes the work of geniuses and one of the most compelling literary/art movements in the West)


automatons as they are called were the toys of the day the ULTRAAAAAAAAAAA rich.