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was it all in ONLY MARYs mind?

At dinner mary feels hot and the doctor takes her away to lay down in her room. then the weirdness starts up. then at the very end of the film mary is having a fever nightmare and runs out of bed to the balcony window. Shilo-jullian sands rushs into the room and calms her down. Shilo seems normal and is somehow closeby and hears mary. It seems to me like the whole thing was MARYS dream? Does anyone agree?
The doctor tells mary, in the morning, there are no ghosts in daylight. This could mean they all had the Folie à deux, but it could also mean he was speaking to her horriable nightmare and fever. He was the one who did take her to her room originally.


I was confused at the end on what was real and what was either a nightmare or drug-induced hallucinations.

If your theory is correct then I guess "it was all just a dream," which is pathetically cliched.