Good film

I just saw it. Many stars here. Some funny things and good fights. But i didn`t like when they speeded up some of the fights. You can see that clearly. I think Hwang Jang-lee shoulda have more screen time. He is so good.

"Work In Progress" Dolph Lundgren
The Punisher


Nah, I think the movie is more on the comedy side, so thus I didn't really mind it. However, I find the jokes extremely funny, even better than the average action comedy out there. Just to mention a few scenes:


- When the two idiots try to crush the enemy to death with a matress
- Scene with the scecret agents, that one was really good
- Crazy ninja's scene's, hilarious
- The idiotic bandits scenes (when they sang and lots more)

It's truly one of best comedy action out there.