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The Wong Fei Hung scenes...

Does anyone know what the point or significance was of having that extra in the movie with Wong Kei Ying and his young son Wong Fei Hung travelling on a train with another fellow kung fu master and his son?

I didn't mind those sccenes at all, I thought they were great comedy. But I didn't see the reason or point of having an insert one of china's most well known historical figure/kung fu master in this film. I know Wong Fei Hung films are pretty popular and common (e.g such as Once Upon a Time in China) did those scenes have anything to do with the popularity of the OATIC movies?


Wong Fei Hung started to get popular again since the late 70s and since this was a Chinese New Year film they tried to make it as mainstream as possible by delivering an all-star cast and pop culture which would include Wong Fei Hung. When OUATIC came out well... Wong Fei Hung turned into a super hero.