If you ask, was someone (MA Practitioner) from 1986 in this, I will answer, theyre all in. Even Kien Shih and Tat-Wah Cho. Remember: Siu Tin Yuen died in 1979, so naturally, he is not in this movie. I wonder, why they didnt invite Brandon Lee, since Sammo and Biao both worked for Enter the Dragon (1973).


Some possibilities might be:

(1) Brandon Lee was probably not that well-known at the time. “Millionaires Express” came out in 1986 and Brandon’s first film appearance was only a year earlier (and that was in an uncredited role in “Crime Killer”, according to IMDb.

(2) Lee might have been too busy making “Kung-Fu: The Movie” or “Legacy of Rage”, both of which were also released in 1986.