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Another disturbing thing about the ending *spoilers*

The film wasn't too subtle with the sexual tension between the teacher and Sid. While the camera was zooming in on the kidnappers preserved heart in the jar, you can hear the two of them having a conversation about heading off to do something together, perhaps some "extracurricular activities"?

The ending of Fortress was a complete game-changer, a total departure in the movie's initial tone. At first you're rooting for the kids and the teacher, and when the credits roll, you think "Wow....these are some messed up people!"


I don't remember that conversation being anything "extracurricular" but I can't remember what they said.

I did notice that once they had to go on the run and then defend themselves, as the oldest and strongest boy, the dynamic changed between Sid and the teacher because he had to become her sergeant basically. He had to step up and do things a kid his age shouldn't have to do. That did change their dynamic but I don't think the teacher meant anything to be of a sexual nature. They were all in survival mode, and then afteward, they were all bound by a terrible experience and a terrible secret. That's going to create intimacy no matter how you slice it. I think the whole group shared this bond, not just the teacher and Sid.

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