Mikes Hotdog House is HERE

I found the Mikes Hotdog Place here on the map in Dalls:

DALLAS, TX 75208

Its now a Pollo Fiesta


Wow! I know I'm replying 6 years after your post, but thank you! This film is a guilty pleasure from my childhood years, and I grew up in Dallas, so the filming locations have always intrigued me. Just curious how you found this? Do you have any other filming locations from this movie? The only ones I can identify are:

1) Flag Pole Hill at White Rock Lake: the night scene where Jack is confronted by the biker gang for the first time. Also, some of the scenes where Jack is being chased in daylight by the cop look like they were filmed at White Rock Lake also.

2) Mosier Valley Motocross Park: I believe this is the park where all the motocross race scenes were filmed. There's a part in the movie where Jack is being chased and he passes a sign with the park's name on it. It appears that this place was closed down some time in the early-to-mid 2000's.

Also, I'm 99% sure that the aerial views of the downtown buildings while Jack flies on his bike are not Dallas. The actual downtown area of Dallas is not nearly as big.