Great movie!

Surprised it's only rated 6.6 on IMDb. Probably because it's from the 80s, not an action or horror flick, and it's a period piece that's heavily reliant on the characters.

All the performances of the cast are wonderful. Jon Voight's character is the one with the most meat on the bones, though. We come to understand why he's the way he is, and to a lesser degree Annabeth Gish's character, but the mother/wife (JoBeth Williams) and her sister (Ellen Barkin) remain murky. A minor criticism of the writing.

If it weren't for knowing the ages of the cast, I'd have thought this was a much younger film than its 33 years! This one holds up to the passage of time with flying colours.

Since someone recently made me realise I'm stingy with my 10 ratings, I'm upgrading it from the 9/10 I'd usually give to a 10/10.