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Anybody can check this out? Deadly Friend: An Autopsy by Joseph Maddrey

New issue of Deadly Magazine has an article which apparently goes into great details about troubled production that Deadly Friend had. Guy who did the article also got an access to different drafts of the script for the movie, so it should be interesting.

Here's the link for his blog where he mentions this; l

"The second essay is a deconstruction of the convoluted creative process that produced DEADLY FRIEND, Craven's followup to A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. This is another movie that the filmmaker doesn't talk about much, because it was made during a particularly troubled time in his life, and because the final film is a chaotic hodgepodge of many people's ideas. Even so, DEADLY FRIEND has its fans. Some people respond to the over-the-top murder set pieces, others to the almost-buried hints of a poignant love story, but everyone seems to wonder: What the hell were the filmmakers thinking? In the new issue (#3) of the digital magazine Deadly, I have tried to answer that question, drawing on exclusive interviews with Diana Henstell, the author of the novel that DEADLY FRIEND was based on, and screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin, who allowed me access to multiple drafts of the screenplay, several of which included notes from the director and producers of the film. If you have any interest in DEADLY FRIEND, I promise that this is the most comprehensive study of the film that has ever been published."

And this is the link for previews pages of the magazine;

Part of the Deadly Friend article; sue3_53/

So if anybody can check this out and possibly share the information or scan entire article and upload it somewhere online, please go right ahead and let the rest of us fans know.


Wow, this is awesome Nick. Thanks for sharing.
I need to get in touch with this guy and let him know about our petition. He probably knows if there is a Director's Cut stored in Warner's vaults. Otherwise we might be fighting for a dead cause.
I'm looking for an email or something but only found a Lance Henriksen dedication site?


Mark Tappin the then President of Warners ruined the movie along with his associate *producer* pals. I would love to read the article mentioned above. The alternative screen plays are light years away from the final edit, none of the gore scenes were included, it was a dark love story. The book is fantastic and it's crying out for a proper adaptation.


Did this appear in actual book?


No. Maddrey interviewed Bruce Joel Rubin and Diana Henstell and managed to get different drafts of the script, including the one that was used as shooting script. That's why this article is considered by us fans of Deadly Friend to be the most valuable. You and anyone else can read it for yourself here;