Favorite lines

Let's hear 'em!

There's so many good ones, but my favorite has gotta be, "LET'S BLEED, PIG!!!"

Like, How sh!thouse mad is the Night Slasher? He's not just looking to make Cobra bleed, he's perfectly willing to mix his own blood in there. I mean, sure, tell someone you're gonna make them bleed, but you gotta be one violent son of a b!tch to be like, "Yup, I'm gonna bleed, too. Why should he have all the fun."


In the beginning when the psycho threatens to blow up the store and Cobra replies "go ahead, I don't shop here."


“You know what the trouble with you is?....you’re too violent....it’s all that sugar you eat, all that junk food you’re swallowing...”

This, from a guy that doesn't deal with psychos, he puts ‘em away....