When Sarah speaks ...

What is the last thing she shrieks at him?

It's funny ... in my mind, I've always heard her say "I sound like a *beep* freak," or "I'm a *beep* freak."

But when I watched the DVD with the captions on, the captions had her say "I'm not afraid!"

And the Memorable Quotes section here has her saying "I want to scream," or "I'm gonna scream."

So you guys tell me ... what does she say? She starts out by saying "Look at my mouth! Hear my voice!" But what is that last anguished thing she shouts at him.

What an incredible scene that is.


I think she says.."I'm not a freak"!


in the memorable quotes section she says "Here you go! Hear my words! Hear my voice! Ah, you want more than that? I'm gonna scream!"


I think she says "Do you see my mouth? Hear my voice? Hear my voice? Am I perfect? Huh? I'm like a freak!"

The captions are definitely wrong and the script I found online does not accurately reflect this portion of dialog. You have to remember that script modifications always happen throughout production so this could have easily been changed for one reason or another or even improved by Marlee.

I don't think that what she said is all that important about the scene but how deeply she is ashamed and embarrassed by her own voice is.

There is NO Gene for the Human Spirit.


she says a *beep* freaaaaakkk'

I've no wish to spend my remaining years grieving for the loss of old friends or their sons.


This scene was the most profound of all in Children of a Lesser God. Such anger and pain Marlee Matlin conveys through her outburst that I was left stunned.

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not".


"... I was left stunned."

Agree, a powerful performance.


Me too; such a potent scene.


I'll bet she's a f-ing freak in bed lol


In closed captioning it says:

See my mouth?

Hear my voice?

I'm not afraid!

So I have no idea which one it actually is, but that is what my CC said.

Though watching that scene over a few times it does seem like between Hear my voice and the last line she says something along the lines of "You want more than that?"