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This film reminded me of Blatty's Ninth Configuration

Although this movie was much more dramatic and artistic, the Ninth Configuration depends mostly on dialog, sometimes completely insane dialog, to tell it's story. The poetry here in this movie leaves so much up to interpretation, but I really love how the artwork of M. Caravaggio came alive in this film. It was great to see a lot of the main actors that have been in such other great movies also. Nigel Terry from Excalibur, five years prior to this film, was excellent. Tilda Swinton from dozens of other films but recently Narnia and Michael Clayton is beautiful and a wonderful actress. I have to hand it to the director. Playing moody jazz during the 1600's party and blending sounds of steam engine trains in the background of quiet scenes and showing a truck from the 1940's in the final murder scene is more genius than pretentious. This is a film that requires more than one viewing. AND thank you for not making it at all boring or excessively long. I.O.W. great editing. Beautiful film.

Did you tell LUKE..? Is THAT who you could tell??


Yeah, Jarman was brilliant at mixing together completely disparate elements into some kind of cohesive whole. It can be a little much to take on a first viewing, but you're right, repeat viewings allow you to take it as what it is, once you're used to it's surreal style.

But what are kings, when regiment is gone, but perfect shadows in a sunshine day.