so this is supposed to take place in colorado, i think, but its an italian movie. its obviously dubbed, but were the actors speaking italian or english? i dont really understand that about these movies. but aside from that i really liked this one. maybe because i came across it so late in my search of EVERY SINGLE SLASHER ever made and i felt like i had to appreciate it more. but there are some genuinely funny moments, and some hot babes.. terrible editing at points, but im willing to let that slide.

anyway, can someone shed some more light on why they would make an italian movie that is supposed to be set in colorado, equipped with phony southern accents and all?


'Body Count' is set in Colorado and the actors speak English because this film was Ruggero Deodato's attempt to go mainstream and reach the American audience more than anything else. Many Italian directors did this with horror movies when they tried to go mainstream.

Some of the cast members were American and the others were Italian. The Italian actors had a very thick accent and some of them were dubbed, even though their lips match perfectly well with the dialogues. They were probably dubbed because they had a bad pronunciation.

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