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Aaaaahhh.....the '80's,,,,,

Whoa, I came into this fleek while surfin' the database for Deodato's filmography and...oh man, lotsa memoirs.
I saw this movie in 1987. I was 13 yrs and I couldn't get in, but somehow the tickets-lady didn't notice my real age, or she was real busy (I remeber Deodato was still famous here in Italy, for his previous works, and the theater was overcrowded with hordes of screaming teenagers) so...I got in with a bunch of folks.
I miss this fleek since then, so I should find it on DVD or download it from the Mule, but some frames are pretty still in my mind.
First off, this movie is your typical wood-slashing fleek of that period. This means a cruel murderer, nude females and heavy metal soundtrack.
I remember Nancy Brilli topless, some other gals nude. Also, the look of the killer was very cool and the plot was by far more interesting than other fleeks in its genre.
Then, the actors. David A.Hess, Mimsy Farmer, Ivan Rassimov...stars of the horror/giallo/poliziesco movies of the '70s..One nice thing I remeber is that a friend of mine, who came to the show carrying his umbrella (it was a rainy sunday afternoon) used to open it and recover under it while some scary scene happened! This gag animated the crowd alot.
I also remeber it was a very splatter movie...lot of stabbing, axe-murders and so on...
Well, think I should find it and watch it: a new screening 20 yrs after...hope to find that mood again, even though I won't watch it at a theater but in my livingroom..



you still loved it 20 years later, didnt you?

if not let me remind you of the lines

"This is a democracy. People can do whatever they want."
"This will be a weekend you'll never forget."
"Me, Sissy. You, Man."

I rest my case.


Yea, it's a great fleek.


i do love Italian horror, but this movie stinks like poo poo. The only other Ruggero Deodato film I have seen before watching this movie is Cannibal Holocaust, so my expectations were towering.
My expectations were unfortunately smothered by this god awful piss heap of a film.
I liked 'Guyver: Dark Hero' when i was a kid, but when i watched it as an adult i hated it.
Be warned amigo.


This Movie started off well ...Great Simonetti theme over the Opening Credits ..i thought " Yeahhhh "
Decent opening back story and a few kills ( nicely done ) fast foward 15 years and a new group of teens Victims ...Colourful Group Eqipt with cross country Motobikes etc and a Decent soundtrack ( which id like to track down ) and a Lovely Location.
Charles Napier is the Sherif ....and i was in Italian Slasher Movie Heaven for a Moment.

so ..How the *beep* did this turn out to be so Disapointing !!!????

For starters the Lighting ...There WAS NO LIGHT !!!!!

I couldnt see who was getting killed or how they were getting killed. By the Time it was the Next daylight scene ..everybody had pretty much snuffed it.

The side story with the cheating wife and sheriff ( napier , who's character never got punished )
The wife murdering her husband ...( i mean this just confused things , why couldnt the shame just kill everyone instead of the Victims picking off each other )

so that bullsh*t followed by more unviewable Dark Deaths and a Pitch Black Finale ..plz fill me in on what happened coz i could not see sh*t !!!
I only found out who the killer was because i heard Charles Napier say his name. ( although i had guessed who it was anyway )

so ..not *beep* had promise ..but very very disapointing