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Can I have my 2 hours back?

I'd heard about this movie being great and weird.

"Weird" yes. "Great" not so much.

WTF was going on? I understand WHAT is going on, but no motives or explanations. People acting crazy just for the hell of it. Even the "sane" ones.

Can I just forget I saw this and get my 2 hrs back?


No one ever gets time back. Ever. Time works forwards, not backwards.

By the way...the ' can i get my time back' cliche regarding movies is really, really, really old and rather pathetic.

You didn't like the movie. We get it. Thats your opinion.

But you are not being witty in any way whatsoever with this sort of comment...unless you still think its the 90s or something when people may have found such things...mildly amusing...for about 3 seconds.


It got you to look at my post, didn't it? You say nothing about the movie, though. Does it get tiring policing the internet?

I'm expressing my opinion on a movie, without, unlike you, being rude or putting down someone I know nothing about. Which I guess is one of the wonders of the internet: impunity/courage behind anonymity.

Enjoy and take care.