The locator watch

Unless I missed something I don’t recall this ever being mentioned before - The locator watch that Hicks gives to Ripley and which she in turn (wisely) passes on to Newt. It was such a cool little gadget, I wanted one lol I don’t know why but I wanted one badly! The ability to find someone, wherever they are, that is pretty damn cool!

Cameron’s writing is of such an excellent standard throughout this film, it NEVER dips or wavers. The touching scene where Ripley is settling Newt down for a sleep and she gives her the watch. When Ripley leaves the room Newt rolls over and examines this new ‘toy’. This is exactly what a kid would do. It reassured Newt as she was laying there in the darkness.

Can you imagine what would’ve happened if Rip hadn’t given her the watch?

Fantastic film, fantastic writing.


It is a wonderful plot device that helps lead to some thrilling scenes. Cameron was the right person for this sequel.


It was a clever plot device.

But after repeated viewings of the film, I wish Ripley hadn't given that little screech box Newt the watch! That way she wouldn't have been tempted to go look for her and she, Hicks and Bishop would've survived.

Newt was a strong and brave little survivor. But her ear piercing shrieks got on my nerves. One has to wonder how she managed to keep silent for so long and not give away her location to the aliens.

Since she dies in the sequel anyway, I wish that Ripley hadn't gone looking for her. I imagined a whole different Alien 3 with the three survivors from Aliens. Newt ruined it. lol


He sure was, anyone else and it wouldn’t have been the same or so good.