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If Their Correspondence Took Place Today

they could have avoided the slow mail system and communicated via email, Facebook etc.. It's interesting how this movie shows the limits there once were in communicating with someone from afar. Letters and phones were the only way back then.

The more I study it, the greater the puzzle becomes.
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Firstly, let me write that I'm glad their communication was by letter and not using modern forms of communication.

But why do you assume that letter writing is limited? It may lack some immediacy but in many ways it's more intimate as a result. Publications of letters are a testament to letter writing as an art and as important historical sources. I very much doubt the open media we enjoy these days will bring the same benefits because the writing often is not as concerned or reflective. This is not to say that modern ways of communications don't have their benefits but they equally have limits.

Letters and phones were the only way back then
You may not have meant this as I read it, but 'way back then' was not so long ago and is how I grew up! I'm not a fossil yet!
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Well said, Poppy! I've gone back to handwriting letters to good friends, and it does bring out more of the inner person than a message dashed off via social media. You really think about what you want to say, and you draw on something more than mere surface. How much of your soul can you share in a text message, after all? And how often do people go back & re-read emails? As you say, writing is such an intimate pleasure & pursuit; if it demands more of the person, it also offers far richer rewards.