Heart-breaking news...

Of course I don`t expect time to stand still, and I would not have been old enough to appreciate the store at the time it closed. But my folks got back from London this week(their first trip there), and my Da says that the place where 84 CCR once was is now a fast-food place. Supposedly it`s a Kentuckey Fried Chicken restaurant.

To our brit-writers, is this true?


Darling, Darling, Darling. Read the threads before posting threads. The answer to your question is in thread "the real 84 charing cross road?"

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So no more "heart-breaking."

84 Charing Cross Road is a book, a BBC television production from 1975, a play (still performed), a film, and most of all it's a state of mind and your imagination captured.

The real thing is not a bookstore anymore (it appears to be a wine bar as of this writing). So what? You still have everything that captured your imagination in the first place.


What's all this "darling darling" nonsense?

84 Charing Cross Road is across the road from Pizza Hut opposite the pub. It has merged with next door to become a coffe shop/cafe called Med Kitchen. I visited Med Kitchen on 6 December 2008 and had a cup of tea with my boyfriend. We sat in the very area that would have been Marks & Co. Was very strange to think that Frank and the staff of Marks & Co may have walked the exact same steps!



darling, darling, darling....it's a feminine, upper-crust affection certain people employ to get attention. I don't get it, myself. Best to ignore it.


Who's to say that they don;t still walk those exact same steps :)

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As of May, 2015, 84 CCR, the site of the former Marks and Co, is occupied by a McDonald's restaurant; a plaque, affixed to the left pillar of the entrance, commemorates the former bookstore and Hanff's story. While initially appalled at the thought of an American corporation having taken over such a profoundly English shop, I now realize that the soundness of the restaurant's business and its willingness to respect the location helps to keep the story of 84 CCR alive and well.

To note, I am an American who was touched by the story's Anglo-American fellowship, one that seems to humanize our nations' special relationship.

Objection, your Honor. You can't preface your second point with first of all.


Thanks to Amazon, there are a hell of a lot less bookshops!

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