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Talk about suspending your disbelief

I like this movie b/c it's completely ridiculous.

A showdown at "3:15" at the school, which EVERYONE knows about--except the cops!


When Jeff is shot in the stomach, he finds the physical energy to fight off the antagonist to survive.

Alose, Jeff's girlfriend gets the *beep* kicked out of her. Later, she and Jeff have sex (implied and off-screen) in her hospital room. Then, she comes to the rescue in the same day.

How these people can recover from injuries is completely insane!


Also, how the Cobras just yell out they have drugs at the school...then when the get busted, the cop (Ed Lauter) is, like, "Well, we don't have anyhting on 'em to make them stick."

This movie's so over-the-top...but the over-aged actors playing high school students are likeable. And the movie does have a good flow. It's good for a laugh, and I kind of like it for all of its craziness.

By the way, it's on Netflix Watch Instantly.