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'Last rites' Final episode

Why was Chuck Tchobanian (C. David Johnson) not in this final 2 hour TV movie?


*Possible Spoilers*
Oh, don't you worry... He does appear... with a funny looking beard. The few episodes prior to "The Last Rites" Chuck and Leon get into a BIG fight, due to a client of Chucks, Jack Driscol. Chuck and Leon fight so much, that Chuck leaves the firm. Leon and Chuck then get into a big court room battle against each other. Once that all settles out, Olivia and Chuck get into a big fight, and Chuck moves to Vancouver, Canada.
In the "Last Rites" Olivia is charged for murder: she has a friend who comes down with a fatal illness. He becomes paralysed, blind, and has slurred speach. This man asks Olivia to help him commit suicide. Olivia does so, and is therefore charged with premedated murder. Thanks to Maloney, who view the case as his step up from crown attourney to possible judge.
Now, Chuck hears of Olivia's arrest from a radio station during his stay in Vancouver... he comes back to Toronto, works with the whole law firm, and Leon included, to save Olivia from life imprisonment.

Chuck is in the final 2 hour TV/Movie for at least half of the show, if not more.

It's up to you to watch it, and see what happens... when or if you get the chance.