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Lesbian Storyline?

Ok - this is totally bizarre but follow my logic for a moment. I was just watching an old episode of Kids in the Hall featuring Maria Del Mar (Laura Crosby) in a skit and all of a sudden I remembered...

What every happened to the lesbian storyline she was in? Does anyone else remember? Her character's creepy ex pushed her down the flight of stairs so she's in bed with a broken back (?) and then the law intern comes on to her?


Or am I just crazy?


Well, her creepy ex boyfriend didnt push her down the flight of stairs. Laura was involved in this controversial case, that I cant completely remember... She was trying to make her way into the court house but a crowd of protesting people were in her way. Her ex boyfriend, who was the crown attourney working against her on the case, was watching her from about a 4 meter distance away from the stairs. I believe it was the crowd who pushed her down the stairs. The ex boyfriend ran to her and yelled "Someone call an ambulance!" All of a sudden he was trying to be loving and caring for her. When she finally gains consciousness in the hospital, however, she is so scared of the guy. The law intern lady ends up keeping her company a lot. Then when Laura can finally go back into her own home to recouperate there, the law intern definately comes on to her.



Thanks for refreshing the story for me! It's been so long since I've seen that season!