New DVD release

Nouveaux Pictures in the UK is releasing a new DVD of "Trouble in Mind." According to their website, it is a digital remaster from a restored print, and includes a new interview with Alan Rudolph and Keith Carradine.

Link to the DVD on the company's website (you can also order):

Personally, I'd love to see some HD releases of this and many other great Alan Rudolph films, but I suppose we should not hold our collective breath.


thanks for that as I have anted this film for ages. I just paid 35 GBP for the even rarer soundtrack, however I see no reason to release it in hd as it wasnt filmed in hd in the first can't improve much on what wasn't there to begin with...


Paul Burns


So you think this was filmed in SD? According to IMDB, it was filmed on 35 mm film, so they just need to transfer it to HD, just like they would have had to transfer it to SD in order to release it on DVD in the first place.


I have this. The transfer is fine - OAR of 1.66:1, some flecks in the print early on but nothing to go nuts about. The colours are as lurid as I remember them and the black level detail seems decent. The dialogue seems a little muted as opposed to the score but maybe that's how it was originally. Just turn it up a bit. There are no subtitles.

There's also a 20 minute featurette, made recently, which has Rudolph and Carradine reminiscing together about the film. Worth watching if only for the Divine story Rudolph tells at the end.

Recommended until something better replaces it.


wow nothing for R-1.

"This is Fu Manchu. Once again the world is at my mercy."


What was the "Divine" story? I will never be able to view the U.K. version of this film. It is important to remember how bad films were that came out in the 1980's. The fact that this made it to DVD so long after speaks volumes. This was a very original film.

Alan Rudolph always is great.





Shout factory are producing a special edition for Trouble in Mind on region 1 dvd. It's due late 2010. With all new extras including Mark Isham and Alan Rudolph, IIRC there will be a running commentary.


Not quite sure about your reference to the UK version ...vs. what exactly ? What is supposed to be the difference as I only ever saw it on British TV late 80's...

I just got a UK version (R2) from ebay with the featurette for 3.95 quid ... I can't see any sifference to the version I saw ... please elucidate...

Carpe Discum




I am so very pleased to own this finally ... a true classic...




One of my faves of all time...

CD Universe is accepting pre-orders right now for December 14th, 2010 release.


Spread the word...


This film is finally getting a long overdue Region 1 DVD release from Shout! Factory on December 14.

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