Willem Dafoe kissing a man

Okay does anyone notice in one of the scenes (I think the first one) where Willem Dafoe kisses his girlfriend in the backstage of her little art shows. There's a shot that's a close up on the back of her head and Willem Dafoe leaning into kiss her. The actress in the scene really looks like a man, I always found it odd that they switched the actress for an actor just for that one shot. I mean was she not on the set that day? Or did William Friedkin think it would be just an odd thing to do?

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Yes, I did notice and I have wondered why this odd choice was made. It bothers me a bit when I watch this film. I can't understand why they used a man and then switched to the girl. I guess we will never know.

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i did some googling and found this:

There is one truly great red herring that shows that Friedkin is completely confident with himself and his film that he is willing to flush expectation down the toilet. After bad guy Willem Dafoe watches an interpretive play, he goes back stage to meet one of the performers. With a crew cut and a masculine painted face, the performer moves in and kisses Dafoe. The instant connotations of this shot suggest that Friedkin is going to attribute villainy to homosexuality, like many of his detractors accused him of doing with his previous films. People picketed Cruising for presenting gay sub-culture as a cesspool of filth and sin and for making the lead antagonist a blatant homosexual. Cruising nearly destroyed Friedkin’s career, and he entertains the notion that he again is going to explore homosexuality from a negative perspective with L.A. Then, with a witty touch, the performer reveals the crew cut as a wig, allowing her curly feminine hair to run free. With that scene, Friedkin destroys anyone’s preconceived notions about the film and about his concerns as a filmmaker. He daringly refers to the film that almost destroyed him in order to show that all the bets are off with this film, that this is a different film than Cruising and also one that will not cater to expectations.