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Alienation and Failure of Identity

What do people think about the themes of alientation and failure of identity in this film?
I have a few thoughts....
The film is about internal relationships within the world, solidarity, identities, identification by association or rejection, about being someone or being no-one.
Madjid is the son of Algerian immigrants in France, he is Algerian by heritage, by culture and natianality. However he himself has grown up in France, and has adopted a "french" way of life. He is very much a frenchman by nature, however he does not possess citizenship papers, thus he is excluded in many ways from the french world - we see this as he struggles to find proper work to earn money to live...he is right it many ways for the job except that he is a foreigner.

Pat and Madjid's world is defined by alienation.

Any more thoughts?