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alternate life comment?

Hello Hackman fans,
I was watching Target last night and was perplexed by one scene in the movie. When he was talking to that chick who he used to work with, it is discovered that she really loved him. Hackman says how his wife is the best. Then, he says "if i could have another life, a parallel life that wouldn't interfere with my present life". then the chick cuts him off. Was he implying that he wanted to be with this chick too? I thought this scene was out of place. why would he even think about anyone else when his wife is missing?



Well, during the cold war he and that Russian lady were spies and
it is implied that they were lovers although she mentions to Dillons' character that she didn't know exactly what his father and her relationship really was, probably to spare him any details. So he did still love the Russian woman and had the fantasy a lot of married men have of wishing they could have their cake and eat it to which is why she reminded him that it could never be ,especially after she asked him if his wife was very very wonderful and he replied ,she's the best.

So the Russian woman knew better than to let him continue with the conversation ,wasn't fair to her and he needed to let go of any lingering feelings if he felt that strongly about his wife.

"So, a thought crossed your mind? Must have been a long and lonely journey"


Good response!!!

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