The car chases

A couple of real brilliant ones in this film - both seemingly ignored in all-time chase lists because nobody (not many people) have actually seen the film.

OK, one of the cars was only a Fiat Uno, but it was perfect for the tight city streets. Good stuff.

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The car chase was ok. Nothing spectacular.

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Still don't know how they made that Fiat Uno drive up some stairs! Never seen anything like that in any other movie.

It's also good that you occasionally seen the real stars actually driving the cars (like when Hackman sticks his head out of the window when in the quarry). Sure the most dangerous stuff was done by stunt drivers, but it's all real and not speeded up.


I am *SO* glad you posted your comment regarding the car. I had thought that the car used was of the Mini brand of cars. It had been such a long time since I'd seen this movie that I couldn't recall with much clarity what car was used. When I first watched this movie, it was still being shown in theatres, so it must've been 1985.

You're right. This movie altogether was 'Good stuff'!