The Yamaha DX-7

Yes, that notorious black FM bastard makes a predominant apperance here, along with it's nefarious cohorts: The EMU Emulator II, The Simmons SSDV, and what sounds like the EMU Mirage may even be present.

This whole movie uses their signature sounds to nauseating effect; there are tinkly Rhodes pianos, shakhuchis up the wazoo, and robot fart drums that make your skull reverberate.

Pretty damn good, I'd say.


The music at the end before the credits is particularly bad. Synths are like guns, you put them in the wrong hands and they cause mayhem and ultimately pain and sadness for those involved.



Guns exist to murder, that's their function.

Synths are creative tools for expressing excitement, beauty, energy, and all kinds of instrumental and aural ideas.

The 1980s movies have great, authentic synths, that anyone that understands anything about audio waves, definitely falls in love with.

Not many things are as much fun as creating your own instruments or sound effects using authentic synths (not emulators) and then hearing the end result as something aurally euphoric.

I can't imagine guns ever being like that. Synths are not dangerous, guns are. Guns shouldn't exist, every gun should be replaced by a nice, 1980s synth.