Pretty Good

Just Got This At Wal-Mart The Other Day for $5. It's Pretty Good. A Classic 80's Family Vacation Film.

Why Don't they make more films like this.

I think the old days were great, family pack into a station-wagon type car for a long drive to their destination.

The fun you go through when you're there, the fun the laughs the memories.

Great nostalgic movie for me (and I wasn't even born yet) so I guess It's not really nostalgic for me.

...idk just a big 80's fan because it just seems interesting.

Great Film, Go Watch It, Now.


hey, what are you, some promoter, i read a sequel of sorts was considered involving the same moviemakers and actors, i guess if you want a similar movie "national lampoon's vacation" comes right to mind and is being mentioned a lot on this board, one of my favorite parts was as he and the dog switches places, and as he is checking out the womans breasts in her place hearing someone coming home saying to the woman "would that be ed?". the translated title i know this by puts more emphasis on the beach, i prefer that title and didn't even learn the english until now, it's so weird to hear a soundtrack from another movie played ("beverly hills cop" 1984, on cassette), it's very innocent and family friendly, kind of funny at times, the joke the daughter shares with her daddy on the beach seemed really inappropriate though, i don't know if it is that it has a canadian vibe or something, but even though this isn't from the 1950's or something, you can tell it's a different more innocent time and i can't imagine a movie like this being made today.

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