Cute movie

Only in the 80s, would throwing refrigerators into a bay during a sailing race be acceptable. Today, this simply could not be a plot detail. The neighbor who wants to keep showing her breast augmentation off is a funny character, and i've never seen that gag done in any other movie, so this movie doesn't strike me as plagiaristic.

Love Rip Torn as a salty sea dog. He would've been great in Pirates of the Caribbean. He is such a great actor.


that scenario you explained is something i've heard about from people older than me and in some tv segment, people would just dump things they wanted to get rid of into the water, that scene seem to create some buzz on this board, there is at least one more thread on it, i was common with this movie when i was a kid, looking at it now i get the feeling of being kind of a canadian "national lampoon's vacation - light", the translated title i always knew it by up to now puts a finer point to the story of the movie (beach in the title), this feels a bit uneven before they hit the beach, and the end becomes really tiresome unless you're into sailing, followed by quite an abrupt end suddenly hitting the end credits, it doesn't seem to reach the same quality as other 1980's comedies with its times comedy stars, some rough editing, jokes sometimes almost feels made up as it goes and they struggle to fill an entire feature length movie, yet done by a great moviemaker, veteran actors in smaller parts doesn't offer any of their better performances, candy looks so young in this, to think he was gone less than a decade later, i didn't realise last time i saw this how his wife is a complete knockout, they should've put her on the cover, she seems to come unfairly far down the movie's credits considering her role, to be honest she saves the movie, and she has great screen presence, yet i've never seen her elsewhere than this i think, funniest line of the movie as he tells his wife: "mother was right, you're twisted.", this seems pretty forgotten today compared to "vacation" (1983) for example, my conclusion is i saw this at the right time, i guess it suited best as sort of a kids flick.

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unscheduled at your airport,
luggage packed fly on fuel soul,
in air gut long for you to stay all day,
as lovely stewardess fillin tray,
get only taste leavin heart in pain,
as you go reachin low need your jet glow,
to light up and rocket my soul.