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The Love Boat - Pirate Version

Did anybody like Rip Torn's version of the The Love Boat Theme Song?

I thought it was rather funny...

I can imagine Rip Torn singing a complete remix of the original song that is used with a new show that is a mix of "Pirates of the Caribbean" & "The Love Boat"... With "Captain" Jack Sparrow & and his weird crew, each week, taking people out on caribbean cruises on board the new cruise ship called the "Black Pearl II", where many find love.

Rip Torn could again play Scully. He would run the Bar & Grill on board which would be nicknamed the "Barnacle". It would serve RUM & "Scully's Catch Of The Day". Yorku would again occasionally play that horrible music.

Each Halloween, the show would feature a 2-hour special where the ship has encounters with the paranormal... like encounting ships like the "Flying Dutchman"... and some passengers get scared, and seek out companionship, to survive the ordeal. In the end, these couples fall in love, knowing, that with them being back on shore, they can deal with anything...