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Odd sequence... Made the film for me, bizarrely.

There is a very odd and memorable sequence in 'Silver Bullet' where Marty's sister, Jane, is looking for one-eyed townsfolk, pretending to collect empty cans and bottles...
It's very well done and probably my favorite sequence in the whole film:

The focus of the story temporarily shifts from Marty to Jane, leading to a jarring change of tone compared to the rest of the movie, which is reflected through a very different style of mise-en-scène, as if viewing the movie's world through different eyes (Jane's). It is both eerie -like something out of a fever dream- and more naturalistic than the rest of the film.

The folks in theses shots are made to look almost scarier than the werewolf, and you have a sense that Jane is not entirely safe. Something really seems to transpire through that mise-en-sence (the camera looks, the slow zooms, the peculiar features of the townsfolk and minimal acting...), like it's revealing the "true" subject of the film: the banality of evil, the common indifference and latent capacity for evil shared by all ordinary people. Made the film for me.