I don't get it

The Toni girl is way hotter IMO. Why this fool was in love with the Kelly Preston chick is beyond me.

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Would do both.


They're both hot, in different kinds of ways.

Debbie is the the hot, busty, blonde cheerleader that haunts most teenage boy's dreams.

Toni is more the beautiful girl from next door that you can hang out and drink a beer with.

Both hot, both do-able.



Lori Laughlin was much classier and more stylish and Kelly Preston was extremely annoying.
Bingo! 👍

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When I first watched this... It was Toni hands down.

But 20 years later I look at Kelly's body and think... I change my mind.

Of course they wanted you to like Toni as she had the better personality and she was no slouch in the looks dept. either but they didn't really PUSH it like most films. You get to see the error of his ways pretty quick and you can see where it's going to go even before it gets there. He had nothing in common with Kelly.... I would have liked more Toni "friends" scenes rather than the scenes with his stupid friends because we REALLY didn't get to see why he put her so high on his "friends" list that he didn't want to date her.. it's not like she was ugly or anything...not even close.

He borrows money from her... She writes the letters for him but he didn't know that until the end.

Anyways.... I madea tribute fan edited trailer to it.... here.