Spectacularly awful!

Dig out your Thesaurus people, this movie will have you searching for negative superlatives like never before. And this dung heap deserves every one!

Attempting to summarize the plot is a useless gesture since nothing coherent is evident except what passes for a concept:

A post-apocalyptic civilization pits butterfly-knife-wielding, martial-arts-skilled, roller-blade-wearing nuns against an "evil" warlord who wears a ski mask and has a snickering, lecherous, hand puppet alter-ego.

More nuggets:

- The dialogue is not only laughably ridiculous ("Do not cry, or thy skates will rust.") but horribly dubbed.

- Production values are on par with high school student films.

- Actors supply dubbed voiceovers for multiple characters.

- The character of Sister Sharon has a bad French accent that resembles Tweety Bird.

How does crap like this get made??


And, not only is all the dialogue poorly dubbed, but they changed every instance of "the" to "thy" and "you" to "thou"... ridiculous!


I always love when one of you geniuses comes in here and starts griping that a microbudget movie isn't up the the high technical standards of a current cgi blockbuster.

Do you all know what the term 'Straw Man' means, or is the book that came from beneath you as it was written by a foreigner.


Qwerty, I watch low-budget films constantly, and I didn't like this movie. I even like this guy's other films, like "Hell comes to Frogtown", I just thought this one wasn't very enjoyable or even entertaining.


Fair enough, this one does take an enormous suspension of disbelief. I liked the overall premise of the movie, and the smirk head, as well as the little devils toy.

I do agree that "Hell comes to Frogtown" was another one that was pretty good.

My World: http://www.imdb.com/list/xV-oKAMa9aA/


This is one of the best movies of all time. I recommend putting it on to music at a party and then sit back watch people's lives change.
Wigga Please


- Feels like it is four hours long.