I update a year after i asked the question, answering my own question.

DVD release for the 1985 Version is March 2.

>>>> https://www.ezydvd.com.au/item.zml/791514

Apparently it's going to be Widescreen, but since it's a "TV Movie", they didn't have Widescreen TV Back then. Was it filmed for a Theatrial Release but instead went to TV?


If it appears as widescreen it will probably be matted that way just for the DVD release, the same way they did with the early seasons of Kung Fu . Probably shot as 1.33:1 for the TV presentation with a 1.66/1.77 ratio in mind when composing the shots. I will update this info when I see the DVD, but hopefully this will not chop off any heads in the process.


Bought 'Robbery' this week. Packaging claims "brand new transfer, ratio 1.85:1"on the extra's blurb, but specs claim widescreen 1.66:1.

Well yes it is a 'new' transfer, because it has never been tranfered to DVD before, but the print used is certainly not new or even restored. Very damaged in the opening 30 seconds but evens out for the majority of the film.

As for the ratio. It looks closer to 1.66:1 but at least is widescreen and appears to have been origionally shot with a widescreen cinema aspect in mind. Transfer is divided into two parts/episodes as per the original television presention.

Fine film though. Sam Neill is exellent as capt.Starlight.


< Thanks for that.

Will try to get a copy of it.


EzyDVD seems the best place for online DVDs, unfortunately about 3 days before my pay went in they sold out of Robbery :( Bought a copy off ebay tonight so will hopefully have it sometime next week!