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One of the best movies I've seen.

What a drama. And what an amazing character arc.

Richard Crenna deserved that Emmy.


Agreed. Even if you know Richard Crenna like I do, and your first introduction to him was Trautman from the Rambo movies, you TOTALLY buy him as Richard Beck, and you do have that initial disbelief that this could happen to him, not because of the other characters he's played, but just because of that tough guy air he has about him, and that's when the wakeup call sets in, what happened to this cop here could happen to anybody and does in fact happen to far more people, men included, than anybody is ever going to know about. He was able to pack into an 80s TV limited in what they were allowed to get away with movie, far more than Hollywood could ever put in one of their high budget movies then or now, especially now.


Imagine the CGI love scene?

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