Totally Unconvincing as a Cop

Crenna looks old enough to be checking out retirement homes in Florida and he's out on the streets slapping young tough guys around. A cop wouldn't last a day with such an attitude and he looks about as menacing as a schoolteacher. This unruffled approach does not jibe with his post-rape persona of jumpy, whimpering pup. All in all, Crenna is hopelessly miscast and the movie fails to convince on any level.


He was almost 60 when he made it. Otherwise, I thought it was excellent.


Sorry, I totally disagree... I thought he was perfectly cast... but then, I always did like Richard Crenna.

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I agree with you. Haven't seen this movie since it first came out but I thought he was excellent in this, as he usually was. Always liked him, too.

I've already seen the worst movie ever made, so it can only be uphill from there.


I had a bit of a difficult time with his age in this movie, too.

Not only regarding the physicality of the role, but I didn't buy the angry rookie-type behavior of his (prior to the attack).

I thought the movie was worth a watch otherwise.

I can't think of another movie that I have watched that dealt with the rape of a male cop and the aftermath in the manner this movie did.

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Considering he won an Emmy for this role, not many agree with your opinion.

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yeah, crenna was a little old for the role of cop. Pat Hingle who played his father in this movie, was only two years older.

But still, Crenna was a great actor and did a great job here.


I've never seen this, but I own all things Rambo. I've never found Crenna convincing in the role he played in 1-3 either.

I really should look him up in something that's better suited to him. Any suggestions?

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