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Movie from same time period? Possibly Nick Special Delivery?

I'm pretty sure/positive it was on Nickelodeon, and it was a special or movie or something, not a regular show with regular characters.

All I really remember is that it was 80's (possibly early 90's) and there are kids/teens hanging out in/exploring an amusement park that's closed down for the day.

There's some charismatic girl with crimpy, crazy hair and her name is Sarah and she is the one who convinced the other kid(s) to break into the amusement park. She's sort of the focus. I don't remember if there were a few other kids or just one, but the main other kid was a boy and he was also the voiceover/narrator. I think it was just those two.

Sarah was moving and this was some big last hurrah or something, and I remember at the end the voiceover/narrator/boy said something along the lines of "I never saw Sarah again after that day. But I'll always remember her, and that one perfect day" or something super cheesy like that.

Does ANYONE know what this is? Please? It's one of the very few remaining tv/movie memories from childhood I haven't solved yet.