This movie is hillarious.

This is a very underrated comedy, it has some great jokes and was made during the great time of national lampoon films and the fact this movie is so hated is just wrong.


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I have seen all the 80's teenagers flicks I could and my database is huge.

I saw "O.C & Stiggs" this morning and thought it was going to be good. Knowing it was Altman at the direction made me think it really was going to be good, but..

Come on man, how can you find that movie really funny ?

I'm 31 and I just can't understand how you can find it that funny. I stopped watching after 45 minutes. I found the jokes flat, the dialogues were even not funny and I was always waiting for a real jokes but nothing.. The characters where so stupid but even not stupid enough like in "Dumb & Dumber" to take it at the second degree. The movie is too long and goes nowhere..

Have you seen the classical 80's flicks ? If yes how can you find that movie funny ? I just don't understand..:-p

What a waiste of time.. I can tell Mister Altman had days without real inspirations..

I think taste in movies change after your knowledges get bigger and also when you get more mature with time. Well at 31 I can't find that movie funny while "Better off dead" with John Cusack was a funny one. Anyway, we can talk about it I guess.

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You're debating someone who can't even write a complete sentence.

'The Sound of Music' twice an hour, and 'Jaws' 1, 2 and 3.


I have seen just about every 80's teen comedy and I'm 18, there is alot of funny things in this movie that I think make's it hillarious and underrated.

Calling differen't countries on the phone.

Being obsessed with random people they never met.

Buying a crappy car with enough money to buy a nice car.

Having a retarted buddy and taking him to mexico.

O.C & Stiggs took nothing serious and were funny guys, this reminded me of a john hughes comedy sometimes but was original in alot of parts and Mcgonigle is just a ass.

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it has a great vibe.

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