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Movie has one of my favorite lines of all time

From the scene at the Coliseum: (Gladiator speaks Roman (Translates to..."we who are about to die, salute you")

"Sherman, what did he say?"

Sherman (coming to the realization after understanding the Gladiator): "He's going to kick our @ss!"

(The gladiator charges)

"Freedom and morality do not go hand in hand. In fact, they are usually devoid of one another."


Mine is Latello in his car and the man behind him honks his horn.

"Sit on this, butt plug."
Pulls a crank, a hand with its middle finger extended pops up from the trunk. I remember wanting one of those as a kid.


mine is: Cuz when you're cool, the sun shine on you 24 hours a day.

And for some reason I always remember "This is no time to be sittin' around sucking snot! After you, lunch meat!" LOL

There's something here that doesn't make sense. Let's go and poke it with a stick.-The Doctor


"It entered our airspace last night and made a mockery of our intercept squadrons."

Yeah, it's not all that funny or cool, but I still like it. I used to have it as my signature on here.