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Warner Archive disc could have been so much better

I can't believe this ended up being one of the Archive titles, which means it's only a DVD-R carrying a higher price than it would have if it been released as a regular DVD. And pairing it with NESTOR (which had already been released to DVD twice) was poor marketing mentality, especially since there were two other Rankin & Bass AniMagic Christmas specials that have had no prior DVD releases: THE FIRST CHRISTMAS (aka THE FIRST CHRISTMAS SNOW) and LITTLE DRUMMER BOY BOOK 2. (That last title was being touted in trailers by Warner to be a part of the Christmas Classics boxed set of 10 holiday specials, only to be replaced at the last minute by PINOCCHIO'S CHRISTMAS.) If the studio had to stick this on DVD-R, they could have at least added those other two titles to give fans more bang for their buck.