Cine Asia DVD release

I got the Cine-Asia releases of the first two PS movies this morning in the post. And the first movie is playing at the moment he has just gone back to the station to tell them he wasn't the one who murdered the guy and he's now taken his captain hostage and done a runner. And this version must be the US dubbing of the movie or a completely new dubbing. It's different from the UK VHS version which kicks ass. The dubbing is brilliantly done there in that the voices work well and the music is placed at the right moments.

I also noticed that the Cine Asia release for this DVD has the Hong Kong Legends brand name on it too. Well HKL ruins Jackie Chan movies by either putting a new dubbing track on the UK releases or they use the US dubbing track on the UK releases. Don't buy anymore Cine Asia (or Hong Kong Legends) releases of Chan's movies untill they give them the proper treatment by using the UK VHS dubbing tracks for the UK DVD releases. Anything else IS unacceptable!. They shouldn't ruin what was once perfect!.

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I know one of the dubs was done in Hong Kong... but i thought there was only 1 dub...