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What do you call a 62-year-old prostitute?

When the detective is making small talk with the perp in the stairway, he starts to tell a joke: "What do you call a 62-year-old prostitute?" Cut to a wide-angle shot, and we never hear the punch line. I suspect the network was skittish about this.

Can anyone supply the punch line, or make up one of your own?

I'll start: You don't.


I'll improvise. How about "Unemployed" or "schitt out of luck."
SOmething along those lines.


That's good. "Lonely" or "discounted"/"cheap" would be others.

Of course, if a 62-year-old is actually able to find work in the field, s/he probably has something going for him/herself.


A whore from days of yore that are no more.