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RAGEWAR (the reason IMdB changed the listing) + links

Yeah, I was so bored I did the Yahoo searchery on this...apparently the movie was indeed released as both DM and... Ragewar: The Challenges of Excalibrate"

Here's a pic of the Ragewar VHS cover: - the rubber puppet RatSpit is deservedly showcased on the front cover, which deserves kudos. But DAMN whoever did that artwork was not putting a lot of effort into it.

It was also released as "Digital Knights"...sigh.

From what my snoopery discovered, Ragewar was a title primarily used in Finland. Seems like Dungeonmaster was BY FAR THE MOST-USED TITLE (note all images on IMDB are from the Dungeonmaster version).

Even on the magickal interwebs, images from the Ragewar version are SLIM (but verily they are there)..

Wikipedia lists it as The Dungeonmaster ( does say "originally titled Ragewar: The Challenges of Excalibrate" in the opening paragraph.

Here are some interesting trivia items, since IMdB has nothing listed:

Notable quotes

"I reject your reality and substitute my own!" ~ Paul Bradford. (This phrase is also featured on the television show MythBusters as one of Adam Savage's most famous quotes.)

"There is no way to penetrate this barrier. It has the strength of a million souls. The power of the dead." ~ Dungeonmaster (this line was sampled by the industrial band Skinny Puppy in their song "Hexonxonx" off the album Rabies).

I assume since it was "originally" released as Ragewar, some INCREDIBLE GEEK (I'm talking someone so bored they literally exist only as a bloated amoeba of pallid flesh in a lab somewhere, being kept on life support with nothing else to do but scan IMdB entries for accuracy) decided to have it changed to reflect that.

You suckers owe me for putting together this "FAQ" of sorts...but I was feeling bored and quite bloated today...even a bit amoebic and pallid.


Here's a salute to you and all the BAPA* who contribute daily to our lives:


*BAPA = Bloated And Pallid Amoeboids


I don't think I've ever seen so many smileys! Good stuff!

From what my snoopery discovered, Ragewar was a title primarily used in Finland.

This film was called 'Ragewar' in the UK.

Since IMDB has 'Dungeonmaster' as a US aka, is it possible that the movie was called Ragewar in the US when it was released, and then re-titled Dungeonmaster when it subsequently aired on TV?



I know this post is three years old but I love those goofy moving smileys, too! Very funny, cute and creative on top of that! Bravo, bravo! Also checking out THE DUNGEONASTER on the THIS channel--it's one of those many sword and slavery films made on the '80's that I remember coming out all the time back then. Don't remember this one too much,as I wasn't a fan of this stuff back then, but my brother and my stepdad were all into stuff like CONAN THE BARBARIAN and all that (we went to see the 1984 sequel at the theatre, which wasn't all that great---the only thing I recall about it is that Ah-nold spent most of his time as Conan just grunting throughout the film, and then-just coming into her own as a memorable screen presence singer/'80's icon Grace Jones has a hilarious scene where she gets almost scared to death by what turns out to be merely a rat,while scaring Conan and everyone else in the process!

Anyway, what's refreshing about the film is how the computer programmer and his significant other act like real people would if they got suddenly zapped into a computer out of nowhere---that's one of the funniest things about the film, and refreshingly so. Also, Richard Moll (pre-NIGHT COURT fame) is pretty impressive as the evil Mestema----I like villains with appropriately deep dark voices of doom spouting pronouncement and quoting threats of death if crossed in any way. Even though it was obviously low-budget even by today's standard,it's still relatively entertaining,especially with the puppets,the evil Mestema, and the weird creatures they run into each segment. A real fun slice of what other people would call '80's cheese,I presume.


Wikipedia also said the film wasn't completed till 1985. (I've corrected this)

It was viewed in it's completed form and certified by the BBFC under the title Ragewar in September 1984 for theatrical distribution.


Even if you hate Uwe Boll, give Postal a try, be offended or entertained.


Ozymandias-King-of-Kings said this:

"Since IMDB has 'Dungeonmaster' as a US aka, is it possible that the movie was called Ragewar in the US when it was released, and then re-titled Dungeonmaster when it subsequently aired on TV?"

I saw this in theatrical release and it had the title "The Dungeonmaster".

Why it is listed as Ragewar was it was copyrighted under Ragewar Productions and the title "The Dungeonmaster" must have been cut into the print (You can tell that because the font used is not the same as the rest of the opening credits) because, in my own honest opinion, the Dungeonmaster title had a bigger selling possibility than the title Ragewar due to the fact of the relation of the term Dungeon Master to the role playing game Dungeons and Dragons.

In fact, the newspaper ad for the film, as I remember, had a disclaimer stating that the film was not associated in any way with TSR Inc, makers of the Dungeons and Dragons game.

...hope this helps...

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