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Why did imb change this board's name?

The name of this film is Dungeonmaster and that what it was IMB listed it as, but now its called Ragewar. Can someone please tell me why the change? Could it
be at long last given a DVD release under this name? Id be very excited if it was. Please if anyone knows about a new DVD release or why the name changed then tell me. Id appreciate it


I was wondering the same thing

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The film was first released, Uncut, in the UK under the title Ragewar and the trailer calls it 'RAGEWAR The Challenges of Excalibrate'


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From another thread on the board, and my reply to the question of why IMDb changed the name of the board:

I saw this in theatrical release and it had the title "The Dungeonmaster".

Why it is listed as Ragewar was it was copyrighted under Ragewar Productions and the title "The Dungeonmaster" must have been cut into the print (You can tell that because the font used is not the same as the rest of the opening credits) because, in my own honest opinion, the Dungeonmaster title had a bigger selling possibility than the title Ragewar due to the fact of the relation of the term Dungeon Master to the role playing game Dungeons and Dragons.

In fact, the newspaper ad for the film, as I remember, had a disclaimer stating that the film was not associated in any way with TSR Inc, makers of the Dungeons and Dragons game.

...hope this helps...

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It was made as RAGEWAR, but distributors changed the title to DUNGEONMASTER.

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Ragewar is a longer, uncut version, it has full nudity at the beginning, the main character dreams of his girlfriend being taken away by zombies. and the trials are in a different order, Dungeonmaster's first trial is the stone beast, Ragewar's first trial is the wax-works.