What a psycho

I know this movie tries to pull off the ol' "Well, daughter's life trumps everything and gives him pass to do anything"-crap, but think about it;

- Those mall guards had possible families, and died because of Matrix, were murdered or severely injured by Matrix, had their lives and families possibly completely ruined. They might have daughters, too!

- Many people were just doing their jobs, the cops, the guards, but also the plane guard - think about it from his perspective; all he does is show up for work, then some musclebound moron comes to knee him in the head and throws him off the window! He doesn't have to be so brutal to innocent people that have NOTHING to do with his daughter being captured! Come on, Matrix, have some sympathy - you don't have to be 'The Terminator (1984)' in EVERY movie! Have a heart!

- Matrix doesn't even care about his own daughter, blowing up buildings without even knowing which building she might be in, is just more fun than actually making sure and caring about his daughter's life. Who non-psycho would DO this?!


They had it coming.

Mall cops are ten a penny and easily replaced.


He rescued his daughter and killed all the baddies. It's results that count, not the dry bureaucractics and their rustling scribbled hindsights.