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why did the French secretary..

Kill her coworker in the elevator? It seems random and without reason


The secretary Helen is actually Monica Duval (Lois Maxwell), one of the characters featured in director Paul Sharpe's movie-within-the-movie. Monica is a spiritual vampire who, along with her husband William, uses astral projection to move from body to body as their existing bodies begin to age. She is currently inhabiting the body of Helen.

William is currently inhabiting the body of Janus (Karen Black), who is dying. He is grooming Paul to be his next host. Helen seduces and then marries Paul's business partner Scott in order to get closer to Paul. After the marriage, she and Paul have lunch together. She has no use for Scott, apart from using him to get to Paul, so presumably that is why she kills him.

Scott's murder is neither random nor without reason. But it's not explained very well in the film.