The suicidal ending

Miss. Mitsuko Matsugae suggests a suicidal pact to the couple who think of running away to vienna after their story comes out in the newspapers. She suggests that in this world they are raging with jealously, after death they could wake up in the other world and not fight at all.

MMiss. itsuko Matsugae says "I have another way.Before we sleep it we had to swear not to do scenes of jealousy in the other world."

Both Miss Mitsuko Matsugae and Heinz von Hollendorf die and Mrs. Louise von Hollendorf wakes up when the police is at the door.

Mrs. Louise von Hollendorf tells the professor "When I woke up I first decided to follow them- (meaning she wanted to try and die again)Then I thought:It is perhaps no coincidence that I survived. Maybe they tricked me both unto death?
And they did not want to be disturbed. Had I not had this suspicion, Mr. Professor, I think I would not continue to live. Anyway, it does nothing more ...
to hate the dead.Now when I think back I have no bitterness but regrets. An immense nostalgia."


Repeating another post about the movie:

Louise, her husband Heinz, and her lover Mitsuko all tried to commit suicide by drinking poison and lying in bed. But Louise wakes up while Heinz and Mitsuko do not survive..

For those who understand the ending better, please explain how Louise survived.


I know your post is a couple years old lol, but Louise was given a sedative instead of poison.... They didn't explain why she wasn't poisoned though, but that's why she didn't die.