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omg i never new there were 4 movies

That followed up on eachother ive only ever seen the first movie thats over 3 hours

Does the other movies follow up on one another and does it have the same actors???


This is just my opinion so...

The first movie follows the first book pretty closely so it's really good and I like it.

The second movie takes some licenses and combines a few different books. Not as good but still really good and a satisfying ending.

The third movie doesn't follow any of the books and totally messes up the time line. It basically takes the characters of Anne and Gil that LMM created and transports them into a different time period in an original story. Not a good movie IMO.

The fourth one I didn't even bother watching because I disliked the third one so much. As I understand, it was a completely original script too.


Oh ok i will still check out all of them

Also the road to avaleon does it connect to the movies or can i watch that one completly on its own

Does actors from the movies appear in the series


There is some connection to the movies but you don't need to have watched the movies to enjoy it. If you've watched AoGG and/or AoA you'll know enough. Marilla and Rachel Lynde have supporting parts in some early episodes but that's about all. I think maybe Gil shows up in one episode. No Anne or Diana or anyone else.

It's an excellent series. I really love it and have purchased a few of the seasons on DVD from Amazon. It was televised on The Disney Channel in the U.S. back in the '90s. Now Disney Channel shows stuff like Girl Meets World...ugh.

Anyway, back to the topic. I can't recommend Road to Avonlea highly enough. It really is a great show from beginning to end. Sure there are some episodes or seasons that are better than others but the whole series is good.


Wow surprised that this kind of show aired on disney channel these days its only sitcoms (i love some of them) but the new ones is just lame I will defnitely be getting thid series as well im in love with stories like this its family friendly fun you dont have to be afraid of watching it with anybody bc you know there wil not be anything inappropiate. Its nice to have shows like this.

Stuff like the waltons, little house on the prairie,bonanza watch that stuff over and over.