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The 30th anniversary Blu-Ray DVD

According to the Sullivan site, it's available for purchase, does anyone have it?


I don't have it, but I would warn you to find out as much about it as you can before ordering it. Look online for reviews.

The reason I say this is because when the widescreen version came out I saw a review by someone who'd seen it and they said that since AoGG was never shot with the intention of being widescreen that they achieved the widescreen aspect ratio by cutting off information on the top and bottom of the film.

This is the same thing that happened with Gone With the Wind for several years. When widescreen became popular, it was matted to a widescreen format by masking the top and bottom of the film to make it appear widescreen. If you want to see GWTW as the director originally intended, it will be in a squarish 4:3 aspect ratio.

Also, Sullivan has a tendency to make small cuts and changes here and there in his re-releases of his films. He's kind of the George Lucas of family films. He can't leave well enough alone with the original version that everyone fell in love with. Also, I've seen plenty of interviews with him and it's pretty obvious he doesn't respect LMM's source material.

I don't tell you all these things to scare you off. Make your own decision. I just want you to make an informed decision so that you don't spend your money on a product you're not happy with.

On Edit:

I found these reviews on Amazon.

The aspect ratio is still cropped.... the original AR is 1.33:1.

1st Let me say it is wide screen not full screen like amazon description says. Next you will loose some of the top and bottom information since this was originally shot and shown in 4x3. with that said, Sullivan did an excellent job in cropping the video where no heads are cut off. The picture itself is the best I have ever seen of Anne of Green Gables.

So it sounds like it might be an okay version. It just depends on if these are important issue to you or not.


Thanks for the heads up, but I typically borrow my DVDs from the library.


Just got it for my birthday... the picture looks very good, it's nice to see the movie looking so bright and colorful, even on a large TV. For some reason the sound is still extremely low to where we had to turn the volume up to the high 40's to hear what was being said. To compare, we listen to most TV shows at around 16 or 20 volume level. That produces an unfortunate amount of static hiss, but it is not noticeable most of the time.


I've seen it, and it looks spectacular. You can see the texture of the cloth, strands of hair, the imperfections in the actor's complexion and the surface of wood, stone and even see individual pine needles on the trees.

It's a huge improvement over the very soft focus VHS image, which even though that gave it a kind of artistic sheen, having a clearer image with lots of detail really brings out the period of the film.

You can see all the imperfections in the wood, where things were joined together in the construction of the house, and just lots of detail in sets, actors and props. And the scenery looks outstanding.

Visually it really is a fantastic production, even if it is teenagers and adults playing kids.


That's great you enjoyed the DVD, but you seem obsessed over the film highlighting the imperfections regarding the set and actor's complexions. I respect your view, but I don't wish to see the actor's physical flaws, that's what Tv makeup is vital to conceal them. I like the aspect of an actor looking their best, since it's all fantasy anyway.


Well, I'm not highlighting imperfections as a criticism, but more or less how great the image is. I'm one of those people who like to see "real images" as opposed to people in makeup. For me it adds a layer of validity and realism to a drama that's already rich with story and great characters.